Welcome to the Albuquerque Northeast Lions Club's Website.

Here you will find information on what we are bout. We are a service organization, part of Lions Clubs International. When it come to meeting challenges, our response is simple: We Serve. Lions are doing community service work in over 206 countries, in regions battered by natural disaster, in schools, eyeglass recycling centers. Lions are doing volunteer work, helping, leading, planning and supporting. Because we are local, we can serve the unique needs of the communities we live in. And because we're global, we can address challenges that go beyond borders.


We are 'The Knights Of The Blind'

We have taken on this mission since 1925 when Helen Keller at the 9th International Convention in Cedar Point, Ohio, commissioned the Lions to be Knights for the Blind. That's why we support Lions Eye Health Programs. Through theKidsight program, we conduct on site non-invasive vision screening to pre-school children, enabling early detection of eye problems to aide parents in ensuring proper vision of their children so they are better prepared in school.  With our Eyeglass Recycling program we collect eyeglasses that are no longer in use and process them for our Global Sight programs. We support the Lions Eye Bank which is setup to recover, evaluate, store and distribute human eye tissue for vision restoration, research and education. The Lions Eye Health Program is a community-base education program empowering Lions to promote healthy vision and raise awareness of the causes of preventable vision loss. Through the Eye Donor program you can give the gift that can restore the sight of children and adults in need of precious eye tissue.


We believe everyone deserves a healthy life.

The Lions help and encourage the community to think healthy. We promote good eating habits and exercise. In the Special Olympics program we have found that many of the participants are in need of eyeglasses or are wearing clinically incorrect eyeglasses. Lions have been working since 2001 to help overcome vision impairment through the Opening Eyes program. In addition Lions have created a Lions Strides Walk for Diabetes awareness to assist in promoting good health and testing. Information is also distributed to those joining the walk. You will find the Lions Eye Van at most health fairs, we travel to remote communities to provide health screening services so that those who are not able to travel to hospitals or service centers still have the opportunity to have good health care.


We haven't forgotten our Youths.

We support the Boys and Girls Ranch, young adults, who have fallen out of society are given a chance to reform themselves and learn to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills. We help their program by supplying needed items like clothing and shoes during the holidays. Another way Lions help youths is by sponsoring a Leo Club. Leo clubs provide young people with the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills, and service in their community and around the world.


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